Home Std Testing Kit

The STD Testing service available with private and confidential details disclosed to the patient or person opting for the STD Test is the dream that erase embarrassment of people around in clinic and physicians with whom you need to discuss problems. The services offered at the STD Check is available with series of test options provided at home STD test, know the status of report online, the sampling requires blood and urine sample that can be mailed at the shipment address.STD Check is rated as the best available option with affordable and comparable rates of test and experts team that offers full 10 panel test that also includes the option of Hepatitis with trust of FDA approval.

Simple Process

You must be wondering, sample collection and result at home how will the process take place, don’t panic as we will discuss different steps that needed to be followed for easy and home based service. All you need is to select for the online service, select the lab as there are over 4000+ centers of lab available, just deliver the sample as part of at home STD test and wait for the result.For better confidential and anonymous based services, the report or the result of the test is available online. You only need to login with the special login details disclosed to the person opted for the service and the report will be available that can be later printed out for further usage.

Advantages of Services

  • Privacy is the utmost priority of the online site offering the private services at home, that wipes out ifs and buts like meeting relatives, friend or neighbor at the center.
  • No physical examination is required, just provide the blood and urine sample and reports will be delivered.
  • The report includes doctor consult included that needs no further discussion with expert.

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