History of Philosophy

Philosophy is regarded as a way of learning the problems existing in society and coming up with reliable solutions that would work for the current generation and the future generation to come. Philosophy started as political philosophy where people where people used to speak philosophical statements on political rallies and campaigns to win the attention of people. That’s was during the year 1920s when people like Jeremy Bentham were the icons of wisdom enjoying the monopoly of mental brightness. Thomas Hobbes is also another one who came up with political philosophy.history_philosophy

From political philosophy, people then graduated to regional philosophy where people used to apply philosophical statements according to the place. There was then the Indian philosophy, Egypt philosophy and China as well as Greek philosophy. This is because people thought that life was different in different geographical areas and therefor the philosophy was differently made.

It then came aesthetic philosophy, which dealt with beauty. This time, philosophy was getting deep into the aspects of life but the regional philosophy was still in existence. It was through this that people saw philosophy can be applied anywhere because problems of life are everywhere, in politics, marriages and love. So people begun making philosophical statements in almost every sector of life. Today philosophy has invaded almost every place and people use philosophy from small aged to the old people because they have learnt the true definition of philosophy. It is through this that people are now wise and brave at a very tender age.